COMBIN3: Our redesigned App is in BETA!

A couple of months have passed since my last blog post, where I wrote about the planned reorientation of our COMBIN3-App. Although I could not work continuously on the redesign and coding of the app in that time, we reached an important milestone this week: the COMBIN3-App is now in beta! So I thought that’s […]

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COMBIN3: Current State Analysis And Future Development

This is the 2nd blog post regarding the intended relaunch of my „COMBIN3“ game app for iOS. In the first post I wrote about the main factors (in my opinion) that caused the failed launch of my app: • file size too big • icon not appealing enough • no user analytics data • absolutely […]

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Postmortem on the failed launch of my COMBIN3 app

About a year ago, I started the peak stage in designing and coding my iOS game app „COMBIN3“. COMBIN3 was finally launched world-wide in the iTunes Store on 11/18/2011, and I was quite anxious to see the download numbers and the feedback it would receive. Both were tiny to virtually nonexistent. Ouch. What’s that COMBIN3-thing? […]

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Unity3D iOS: Problems with autorotation of GUI and QCAR videofeed

I recently updated one of my projects, the “Hailo AR” iOS app, to make use of the autorotation feature  among other things. The original version of the app was built using Unity and the Qualcomm QCAR 1.0 Unity Extension, which did not support auto-rotate. The (at the time of writing) current version, the Qualcomm “Vuforia” […]

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Flash-to-unity communication using uniTool

A recent project of mine, the OUTFLEXX-Loungeplaner, is an online planning program for outdoor-furniture, coded in Flash. It mainly consists of a 2D-floorplanner combined with a realtime 3D-visualisation of the furniture items. Initially I used Away3D within Flash for rendering the 3D part, but I also wanted to build a “premium”-version of the planner, using […]

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